The 4Cs of Diamonds And Why Cut Is Most Important

In order to understand why the cut is the most important aspect of a diamond you must understand the other three C’s. All of the C’s are what professional diamond dealers look for when they are grading the quality of a stone, and figuring out what the best selling price may be. These four C’s should always be taken into consideration when you are buying a diamond. I’ll be taking you through the reasons why the cut is the most important c, and also explaining what all of the other C’s represent. This guide should be used to inform you about the grading process to make your purchase easier.

The Clarity

The clarity of the diamond is simply how good the diamond looks on the inside. If there are flaws, such as scratches, and blemishes within the stone itself then the quality of the reflection will be compromised. Perfect clarity in a diamond means that there are no problems whatsoever.

The Color

When people look for diamonds they strive to find the perfect white, otherwise known as the colorless diamond. A whiter diamond is able to absorb far more light than if there was a hint of color. And the reflection will cause the diamond to have a much brighter glow. A diamond that has less color will be more valuable. Some people prefer to have a hint of color in a diamond. This can be achieved using the 2 carat diamond price of the diamond hold. Gold for example can give a yellow tinge to the stone.

The Carat

The carat is a measurement used in the diamond world. One carat is the equivalent to 0.2 grams. If a diamond is below a carat then it is refereed to as points, and 100 points make up one carat. So 0.5 carats, or half a carat is the same as 50 points. Larger diamonds are much rarer than smaller diamonds, because of this the price will drastically increase depending on the number of carats. If one carat is worth $5000 then it doesn’t mean two carats is worth $10,000, in most cases a two carat diamond will be worth a lot more than two separate one carat diamonds. For this reason a lot of people would prefer to purchase a ring that has multiple stones, as they will be priced individually.

The Cut

Now I’ll tell you about the cut, and why it is the most important c. The cut isn’t what most people think. A lot of people think that it is the shape of the diamond, when it is actually the contours and symmetry of the diamond. The more accurate the symmetry then the brighter it will shine, as it will increase the reflective quality of the stone. This can make a smaller stone look larger, and is the main visual appeal behind any diamond.

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