Internet Monitoring Software – Keep Your Children Safe Online

American children are being exposed to pornography at a higher rate and at an earlier age than ever before. That’s the disturbing conclusions that parents need to make following the most recent studies. One such study found that almost half (42%) of all American children ages 10-17 had been exposed to porn online that they didn’t go looking for. Keeping your children safe online should be a priority for any parent. Internet monitoring software can be a valuable tool along with education. Let’s first say, that brief encounters with pornography is not likely to harm or traumatize children, but continued exposure to adult content has a number of consequences that can be quite serious.

Some parenting groups have claimed that it’s natural for children to be interested in sexuality and the fact that they are exposed to pornographic content is only a natural evolution. Unfortunately, there is no basis for these claims. Actually the contrary seems to be the case. Studies have shown with certainty that children who watch porn before the age of 14 are much more likely to Bokep a sexually transmitted disease, get pregnant and are at increased risk of being victims of sexual predators.

The role of internet porn in warping teenagers views on sexuality is not a topic that is talked about often, yet it should be a serious concern for parents. It’s not possible, or suggested, to keep children away from the internet totally. The internet is a great place to learn for children, while allowing them to talk and share with friends, but parents should take caution to limit access to harmful content.

The best method for keeping your children safe is to install a so called pornography filter. This type of software is linked to a network of computers which continuously scan the internet for adult material and the blacklists any files, websites or pictures that contain pornographic imaging. This means that even pornography sent by email or on messaging systems will be blocked before it reaches the viewer.

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