How to Get Pregnant -The Best Way

If you want to achieve pregnancy, the first step is for the couple to meet with the woman’s OBGYN. Both partners need to be a good physical health and a visit to the doctor will תנוחות סקס בהריון ensure that neither partner has any untreated infections or sexually transmitted diseases that would affect attempts to become pregnant. Most OBGYN’s will prescribe prenatal vitamins for the woman to take even though she isn’t yet pregnant. It is never too early to get on a good habit of a vitamin regimen.

Although this might seem obvious, a woman must stop taking birth control pills. She can begin to ovulate two to six weeks after stopping birth control medications, so theoretically, she can get pregnant shortly thereafter. It is not uncommon for women who used contraceptives to take at least a year to become pregnant.

A woman should not be drinking or smoking while trying to get pregnant. Tobacco, alcohol and other drugs can affect fertility in men and women. Men who smoke have a 17% lower sperm count than men who do not smoke. Of course, once pregnancy is achieved, a woman should refrain from ingesting these materials to protect her unborn child.

While there is no direct link to it, some studies point to eating more fruits and vegetables. 79% of couples experiencing infertility have an abnormally low intake of fruits and vegetables, which are foods that are high in anti-oxidants. More studies will need to be done in order to prove a direct link, but many doctors believe this points toward eating a healthy diet. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables cannot hurt chances of conception and can only help.

Unfortunately, for many couples who are trying to become pregnant, sex becomes more of a job and is less enjoyable, which can add stress to an already stressful situation. Plan a weekend away to spice things up. Be romantic and don’t focus on the baby-making aspect of sex. Try to put the focus on the fun part of sex.

Although there are certain times when a woman is most fertile, it is still a good idea to have consistent sex when trying to conceive. Sex three or four times a week is not unreasonable. The more that couples have sex, the greater they increase their odds of conception. Part of the reason for this is that a woman doesn’t always ovulate consistently or she may not even know when she is ovulating, so having sex on a regular basis will help hedge your bets when it comes to getting pregnant.

Keep in mind that certain sex positions are better for conceiving pregnancy than others. Any positions where the woman is on top should be avoided. This is because there is a great chance of the sperm to leak out. The missionary position is one of the better ones to use when trying to get pregnant. Placing a pillow under the woman’s hips can help to keep the sperm inside longer. A woman should not get up and walk around immediately after sex. She should stay in bed and relax to allow the sperm to stay in the vagina as long as possible.

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