Gift Boxes 101

During birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions, we always receive gifts. Some even look for gift box hộp quà tặng to create a unique box for the gifts. That’s for us to feel how important we are to others. However, after opening the gifts, the cardboard Gift Boxes will then be deemed useless and it could just clutter up the house. Aside from throwing them away in the trash bin, why not recycle them? In recycling them, you don’t actually have to become an artist in order to transform the cardboard gift boxes. You just need to be a little creative!

Below are some helpful information in recycling Gift Boxes whether they are big or small.


You can transform you leftover small boxes for shoes into a new toy for your children. You just need to remove the lid from the box and then draw doors and windows on the bottom of the box. This will then be the front of the dollhouse after you are done. Just use a spray paint to decorate the outside. And be sure to carefully paint the inside of the dollhouse. If you happen to have big boxes, you can make a bigger dollhouse. Stack four boxes in order to make a two-storey dollhouse.


You can make keepsake boxes from any size of Gift Boxes. But then, boxes for shoes will work best since they have a lid. You may use paint or any paper in decorating the outside of the box. Use your favorite color in decorating it. You can also paint the inside. If you want to divide the inside into smaller sections, you can use scraps of cardboard as dividers. You may use index cards, too! Just fold down one side of the cardboard by 1/4 inch and then apply glue on the folded section. You may make the sections wider or not.


Use the unique boxes or any of your cardboard Gift Boxes in creating a kitchen so that your child can play with it. Glue all the flaps of one of the boxes. Now, for the sink, just use a metal bowl. Then cut a hole on top of the box and make sure it is slightly smaller than the bowl’s diameter so that the bowl has something to rest on. In creating the faucet, simply cut one out from the other box. Just cut a small slit on top of the box so that the end can slide through. Then cut three slides for the cabinet doors and the oven on the front of the box because the fourth side will be the hinge for the doors. Then paint it if you want to decorate it.

These are just some of the things that you can do with the Gift Boxes you have. Instead of throwing them away, you get to make your children happy by making something out of the custom gift boxes and the decorative gift boxes at home that they can play with. Plus, it helps you save money because there won’t be a need for you to buy such toys anymore!

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