Bed Liner Spray On Advantages

Bed liner application protects the truck bed on many pickups. Spray on coatings work well for a number of fairly simple reasons. Here are reasons to choose a spray on coating for your pickup.

Custom Fit

Drop in bed liners and custom carpet liners only come in sizes for some trucks. For older trucks and less popular pickups, a spray on bedliner coating may be the only option in a full coverage liner. What’s more, with a spray liner you always get a perfect fit. That may not be the case with some of the other liners. And a poor fitting liner can lead to all sorts of problems.


These coatings are on to stay. No worries about replacing liners, since they are there to last. Now most liners are UV resistant and not prone to fade either, so the look is stable over time.


Liner paint formulations result in fast curing and the time your truck is down for lining is very short. That fast application time and fast cure time results from using special paints made in two parts. The two parts are mixed at the paint gun and harden almost instantly and cure very rapidly also.


Part of the whole professionally applied package is the guarantee. Now it isn’t a guarantee that you can’t damage a liner, it is a guarantee that the liner will be repaired. That’s as simple as a respray. And a respray, or recoat, can be done multiple times. That guarantee is also your assurance that the coating will be applied properly. See, the key to a good sticking coat is proper preparation before any spraying happens. That prep will be done right, otherwise the applicator gets to do it all over. That isn’t in his best interest.


Bed liner paint includes lots of rubbery texture for cushioning, but one of the real keys to success for bed liner coatings is very simple. The liner material is put on very thick. Up to about 5 gallons of paint make up a typical liner coat. The coating is simply so thick that it is difficult to scratch through it. That thickness explains why the truck bed is almost out of reach for anything that can damage the bed itself. The liner takes the hit instead of the underlying metal of the bed.

Bed liner spray works well for a number of reasons. Durability of liner coatings results for the material itself and also from the application methods too.

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