Are a Rabbit and Guinea Pig Compatible Buddies?

Guinea pigs share more similarities bunny buddy rabbits than with what are thought to be their relatives-mice and hamsters. In other words, a working knowledge on rabbit care can give an advantage to pet owners who want to adopt a guinea pig. This pet combination is not a difficult duo to realize since both have similar food and housing needs. Introducing a little piggie to a rabbit is also less stressful as they will not fight over dominance since they belong from different species. Especially for beginners, introducing these two pets types can pose minimal problems regarding territory and pecking order.

Below are more interesting facts regarding this interesting pet combination. It is advisable to know these things before opting for what seem unlikely buddies:

Rabbit’s hay provides nutrition and burrowing spot for piggies. Hay also makes for a good bathroom.
The food needs of both rabbits and guinea pigs are similar: a mixture of pellets, vegetables, and fruits (but not nuts and seeds). Piggies need vitamin C in the form of special formula pellets, and rabbits can have these special supplements also, with a little care on the part of the owners since vitamin C might prove to be too much for overweight rabbits.
Eating together is not a problem for these 2 furry pets, unlike other animals that will growl at each other over a common food.
Guinea pigs find comfort in the form of huddling. A rabbit can work as their warm pillow, and this is extremely satisfying for them. A rabbit also feels comfort with these little buddies squeezing and hiding under its silky fur.
These 2 little critters can play together. Guinea pigs can play “wheek, run, and hide” with rabbits many times their size. Rabbits are known to be good-natured as they tolerate the little ginny pigs to climb onto their big bodies. Piggies also love grooming their rabbit companions. They will sometimes make their way up to the nose and bunny ears. Rabbits can get a free back massage!
As far as exercise is concerned, ginny pigs need space for scurrying around like rabbits. It is a common misconception that guinea pigs enjoy hamster wheels, but this has proven to be dangerous for them. Steep slopes are also not advisable like meshed wire walls associated with hamsters and mice, as well as high climbing areas like stacked blocks that might put them in danger of injury due to a bad fall.
A rabbit guinea pig relationship can also extends to animal shelters as rabbits and guinea pigs are huddled together to save space. This has proven to be effective, but pet owners should still be careful in pairing rabbits and piggies as some of these furry pals might have a different perspective regarding this matter. There are still exceptions, so pet owners should always use their “animal instincts” to check if their 2 little pets will be OK together, or are otherwise threatened. Another perspective to look at is the health conditions of these paired animals. It is important that they are guaranteed disease-free by the vet to avoid the spread of diseases.

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